Watch Jack Black visit Jack White’s home studio to record their “legendary collab”

The bromance is getting stronger

Jack Black’s “legendary” collaboration with Jack White has been documented in an appropriately-titled studio video, ‘Jack Gray’. Check out the clip below.

Earlier this week (August 7), it was reported that Black’s band Tenacious D had spent some time recording with The Raconteurs’ frontman. The hook-up followed the two Jacks meeting in an airport in June and posing together for a selfie.

Now, Tenacious D have posted a video which sees them being offered a tour of White’s Third Man Records HQ before visiting his home studio.


“I didn’t realise, but they’re actually not very nice guys; they’re actually really mean,” White jokes to the camera about Black and bandmate Kyle Gass.

“We’re heading over to Jack White’s house to record a single,” Black reveals later in the video. “Me and [Gass] have been working on a jam — it’s not quite done, but I think that’s where Jack White comes in and helps us pull it over the finish line. This is a legendary collab.”

No footage was shot inside the studio while the session took place, though Black does describe the song as “magical” and confirms it was recorded to eight-track analogue tape. “I just can’t wait for it to come hot off the press,” the musician says.

Elsewhere in the video, Gass and Black offer up a rendition of White’s best-known hit ‘Seven Nation Army’ as they travel to his house. Black then describes White’s pad as “crazy” and “off the chain”.


Jack White released his latest album with The Raconteurs, ‘Help Us Stranger’, in June. Tenacious D’s fourth album ‘Post-Apocalypto’ arrived in 2018.



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