Watch Jaden Smith smash a VR headset to smithereens in Fall Out Boy’s ‘Champion’ video

RIP, VR headset.

Fall Out Boy have shared the music video for new song ‘Champion’ – and it sees Jaden Smith showing off a seriously destructive side.

The video, which is directed by Scantron and Mel Sonia, sees a series of characters living out their dreams while wearing VR headsets – whether that’s boxing, becoming a psychotic CEO, playing in a garage band, or even becoming a crime-busting cop.

But the dream-like simulations are ultimately shattered at the end of the video when Jaden Smith suddenly appears and wastes no time in bringing swift justice to the headset with his baseball bat, smashing it into smithereens.


The song is taken from the seventh Fall Out Boy album, M A N I A, which is set for release on September 15.

Speaking to NME earlier this year, guitarist Pete Wentz also revealed whether he was afraid of alienating fans with the band’s new EDM-driven sound.

“We definitely think about how we have this really loyal base of kids, but I think about it more in terms of how I think about The Clash”, he said.
“I mean, at the time The Clash did so many departures and I was like ‘what the fuck? I just want this punk band’. But now, in retrospect I don’t think that I would’ve liked The Clash as much if they hadn’t made the change. It’s like with Bowie and, all these artists that I’ve loved  – they changed depending on the era.”

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