Watch Janelle Monáe’s emotional reaction when she learned about her Grammy nomination

The 'Dirty Computer' star fought back tears when told she'd been nominated

Janelle Monáe has responded emotionally on hearing the news that she’d been nominated for a Grammy Award.

Speaking to CBS This Morning, Monáe said she dedicated her album, ‘Dirty Computer’ to all of America’s “marginalised voices” or “dirty computers” who had been overlooked and silenced by society.

Monáe was nominated for Album of the Year when the Grammy nominations were revealed yesterday (December 7) alongside Drake, Cardi B, H.E.R, Post Malone, Kacey Musgraves, Brandi Carlile and Kendrick Lamar.


Speaking about the album, Monáe said: “This album is so much bigger than me…It’s not about me, it’s about a community of dirty computers, of marginalised voices.

“Being a young, black, queer woman in America, there was something I had to say and there was a group of people that I wanted to celebrate. And I just — I’m happy to be representing them. I hope they feel seen, I hope they feel heard and I hope they feel loved.”

You can watch Monáe’s reaction here:

Monáe’s album was critically acclaimed. In a 5 star review, NME wrote: “She’s got The Purple One’s punk, mad-scientist approach but creates a world all of her own.


“Throwing in rap, soul, pop, R&B, space-rock and whatever the hell she wants with her fearless message, Janelle Monáe doesn’t believe in walls or limits: this is a fluid celebration of freedom, raging and raving against the oppressors. In fact, only one label sticks – icon.”