Watch JME interview Jeremy Corbyn about the general election

JME tells Corbyn he's "so genuine it feels like I'm about to meet my mum's friend".

JME has sat down with Jeremy Corbyn to discuss the upcoming general election.

The Boy Better Know co-founder met up with the Labour Party leader to encourage young people to register to vote on June 8.

JME has been a vocal supporter of the Labour leader for some time – and late last month, Corbyn thanked him for his public endorsement of the Labour Party’s campaign.


During the interview for i-D, JME explains that many young voters don’t feel as though politicians have their best interests at heart. He also says they often feel that voting makes no difference anyway. He goes on to tell Corbyn that he is the first party leader he feels he can trust, because he is “so genuine it feels like I’m about to meet my mum’s friend”.

Watch the full interview below.

Last week, Wolf Alice’s Wolf Alice frontwoman Ellie Rowsell also endorsed Corbyn’s campaign and called on voters to “claim your future.”

Rowsell urged fans to “leave your reservations on the Labour Party, on Corbyn, on the British political voting system behind for the next month. She also said the public could turn “this unexpected, snakey snap election into a blessing.”

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