Watch Josh Homme and Brody Dalle cover Cheap Trick at a primary school graduation

He's also joined by Butch Vig

Josh HommeBrody Dalle and Garbage drummer Butch Vig have teamed up to play at a primary school graduation ceremony in America.

Footage posted on Instagram shows the Queens of The Stone Age frontman performing Cheap Trick‘s ‘Surrender’, accompanied by ex-Distillers singer (and Homme’s wife) Dalle on guitar and Vig on bass.

It’s yet to be established where the footage was filmed, but Instagram user Julian Weinberg hailed their performance as the ‘best 6th grade graduation party’ – which suggests that it’s a performance to mark the end of primary school.


His eldest daughter, Camille Harley Joan Homme, is also 11 years old – so it’s entirely possible that the performance may have taken place at her school. You can watch the performance below.

Commenting on the Instagram post, one user simply wrote: “Holy fucknuts!”

Meanwhile, Homme is gearing up to release the seventh Queen of The Stone Age album Villains, which is set to drop in August.

He recently spoke about making the album, and admitted that he first wanted to work with Mark Ronson after hearing Uptown Funk.

“I think one of the reasons was to act like a talisman as a reminder of listening to ‘Uptown Funk’. It’s very tight and vacuous. It sounds fucking great”, he said.


“I knew I wanted to make something that sounded very tight, and with the air sucked out of it and very clear. So he was just a great reminder just as an opening and then his desires are so beat-centric.

“And so are mine that we had this tremendous amount of overlap. And then that sort of giggling over the gold – the excitement of creating something, he has that.”



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