Watch Kacey Musgraves wrap up her gig with ‘High Horse’ – and then leave on an actual horse

My Lovely Horse

Kacey Musgraves surprised audience members at a gig yesterday by leaving the show on a horse.

The singer, who recently took home four Grammy Awards for Album Of The Year, Best Country Solo Performance, Best Country Song and Best Country Album, performed her hit disco-tinged song, ‘High Horse’, before exiting the gig on an actual horse.

You can see footage of the event and read fan reaction below:



Musgraves was performing the opening set at the Houston Rodeo to a crowd of over 53,000.

Earlier in the evening, she performed a well-received tribute to Tejano legend, Selena Quintanilla, performing the late singers hit ‘Como La Flor.’

Naming ‘High Horse’ as one of the best songs of 2018, NME wrote: “One of the early singles released from Kacey Musgraves’ critically acclaimed ‘Golden Hour’, ‘High Horse’ fused two genres often seen at opposing poles – country and disco – to create one of the most infectious pop songs of 2018.

“Subtle country guitars combine with glam orchestral disco as Musgraves fully embraces her pop sensibilities. Added to her tongue-in-cheek lyrics, which come across like a modern-day ‘You’re So Vain’ (“Everyone knows someone who kills the buzz / Every time they open up their mouth”), ‘High Horse’ is joyously fun.”

NME also named Musgrave’s album, ‘Golden Hour’ one of the best of 2018, writing: “Making ridiculously fun country music incorporating disco beats, octave-hopping vocal manipulation, and plain-talking snapshots of the world around her, Kacey Musgraves is rightly basking in her very own ‘Golden Hour’ thanks to her most recent album. With stone cold bangers like ‘High Horse’ and ‘Butterflies’ who can resist?”

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