Watch Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno do some arty dancing in his video for The S.L.P.’s ‘Favourites’


Kasabian‘s Serge Pizzorno has unveiled the striking new video for his debut solo single ‘Favourites’ as The S.L.P. featuring Little Simz. Check it out below.

After debuting the song earlier this month, now the track has a green screen video directed by artist and designer Aitor Throup (Damon Albarn & Flying Lotus).

A statement reads: “The video uses his own developed complex film-making in-sync speed-warping technique which utilises the editing principles of time-remapping in a completely new way. The result is a flowing, surreal lip-synced performance seamlessly transitioning between slow and fast motion.”


Speaking to NME about the track, Pizzorno said: “I had been writing notes in my phone. I was interested in people having these online personas and this perfect projection of themselves; do you know what I mean? This is what we put out there, but in reality none of us are really like that.

“It’s a question of identity in the digital age. We flick through all these photos to choose the favourite, go out on a date and move on before it’s even ended.”

He continued: “Some of us maybe laugh about the use of ‘the favourite’. I was having a 3am session and this track evolved. That’s when I realised that it needed Little Simz to be on it, because she’s incredible. I explained what the track was all about to her and she was just buzzing.”

Kasabian’s Serge Pizzorno goes solo as The SLP

Asked if there will be a full solo album on the horizon, Pizzorno replied: “There may be. We’re going to see how it goes. I’m never out of the studio. That’s my place. I’m always writing, always working. Luckily that’s my job.”


While experimenting away from the band, Pizzorno said that he’d discovered “a world of his own that he can visit”.

“These are the extreme sides of my personality that I can explore,” he went on. “This is another place that I can visit. Now that it exists, I can go there whenever I want. It’s an outlet to keep me sane.”