“Potty rock”: Watch Katy Perry and her band play new single ‘Never Really Over’ in the bathroom

Great acoustics

Everyone sings in the shower – but not everyone brings a whole band along for the show. Katy Perry recently put a new spin on her latest single ‘Never Really Over’ by performing it in the bathroom with her backing musicians.

In the clip, which Perry posted to Instagram last night (July 15), the pop star sings the uplifting single to acoustic accompaniment and backing vocals from her four-piece band – all while filming the whole “potty rock” performance on her phone. “My band’s always down for the weirdest shit, pun intended,” she wrote in the caption.

Katy Perry and her band in the bathroom.


Some light-hearted highlights of the video: her band’s lilac uniforms, Perry’s keyboardist parked in the bathtub, the singer saying “big breath” between lines instead of taking said big breath, and the kids peeking into the bathroom through a cracked door. The gear and cables near the sink, though? Quite the hazard.

Watch the Instagram TV clip here.

Perry released ‘Never Really Over’ on May 31. The single is her first new music since 2017, when she released her fifth studio album, ‘Witness’. In other recent news, Perry reconciled with Taylor Swift, with whom she’d feuded for years, and made a climactic cameo in Swift’s video for ‘You Need to Calm Down’.