Watch Katy Perry stage dive and take selfies with fans during Glastonbury set

She's ruling it down on Worthy Farm...

Katy Perry finished her triumphant Glastonbury set by stage-diving, before stopping to take selfies with fans as she returned to the Pyramid Stage.

The singer finished an energetic set with ‘Roar’ – and ventured into the crowd halfway through the track, where she proceeded to to stage-dive as yellow confetti was blasted out. You can watch footage of the moment below.

After the track finished, she was also seen attempting to make her way back to the stage – but stopped several times to take selfies with a crowd of enthusiastic fans.

During the set, she also played recent hit single ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ – which was immediately followed by a chat with the crowd where she failed to recognise the Scottish flag that was being held aloft by one fan.

She said: “I can see all of you. Even that security guard in the neon. Way in the back by that blue flag with the X.”

The hour-long set also saw her recognise the significance of her first Glastonbury performance – asking the crowd if the career milestone meant that she was ‘cool’.

“This makes me feel cool”, she reflected.

“I don’t ever really feel cool. Am I cool yet? What is cool? Who cares, there’s so many people here, I didn’t know if you even liked me.”

Her performance will be followed by The National, who are second billed on the Pyramid Stage – ahead of Foo Fighters headlining.