Watch Keith Richards’ video for previously unreleased track ‘Big Town Playboy’

The track is taken from the 30th-anniversary edition of the guitarist's debut solo album

Keith Richards has shared the video for his previously unreleased song ‘Big Town Playboy’.

The track features on a 30th-anniversary edition of the guitarist’s debut solo album, ‘Talk Is Cheap’, which is set to be re-released as a super deluxe box set, standard deluxe box set, and on CD, LP, and digital release.

‘Big Town Playboy’ features Mick Taylor and Johnnie Johnson. The accompanying clip takes the form of a lyric video that features disembodied hands and images of skulls alongside black-and-white photos of Richards. You can watch it below now.


‘Talk Is Cheap’ will be reissued on March 29. A week prior (March 22), fans will be able to see “the final five” from the production line at an exhibition in hotels across the world, including London’s Karma Sanctum Soho, Berlin’s 25hours Bikini Hotel, and Los Angeles’ Andaz West Hollywood.

The boxes are comprised of a wood case that was hand-built and aged by Fender using the same materials that built Richards’ vintage Telecaster, Micawber. It took four months and 20 prototypes to get the first box right, according to a press release.

Earlier this year, Richards gave an update on the Rolling Stones’ next album and explained why the veteran band still tour. The group are currently working on their first record of original music since 2005’s ‘A Bigger Bang’ and are set to tour the US later this year.

The guitarist said he had spent the Christmas period assessing the material the Stones had already written for the upcoming album. “Sometimes it’s not as much writing as listening to what’s been written and figuring it out, and honing and all kinds of stuff,” he said. “It’s very boring. It’s like a carpentry shop.”