Motorways, motels and melancholy: watch King Krule’s arty new video for ‘Cadet Limbo’

The black-and-white short film stars Krule and saxophonist Ignacio Salvadores

King Krule has shared a new music video for ‘Cadet Limbo’, a song taken from his 2017 album ‘The OOZ’.

Directed by Charlotte Patmore, the video is the second of three videos in Krule’s WePresent series.

In the video, Patmore paints a picture of long distance travels, forgetful hotels and the taxing, late nights required of a touring band. Krule and saxophonist Ignacio Salvadores star in the video with a loose narrative that mirrors real life.

Krule, whose real name is Archy Marshall, is a close friend of Patmore’s. The pair discussed the creative process behind the video on their WePresent page.

Archy: “I know a lot of people who step on each other’s toes by accident when they get involved in collaborative processes.”

Charlotte: “For me it’s easier to direct or work with someone you know, because you know what’s going to piss them off.”

Archy: “Maybe that’s your role, and my role is separate to that.”

Charlotte: “But I feel like on this, we were on the same level. We would direct each other, working together. It wasn’t necessarily me being like, “Do this, do this, do this,” the whole time.”

Elsewhere, the friends talk about the settings featured in the video.

King Krule

King Krule is back

Archy: “Whilst we were touring, there was a lot of stops in the middle of nowhere, where we weren’t playing, but we were staying for one night. I think just finding that bag, it was like, ‘Oh, shit.’ Toluca, Houston, Tampa, Arizona, all of these places.”

Charlotte: “All the locations were amazing. We didn’t have a lot of time in any of them.”

Archy: “America is super wide. That’s the one of the things you take from it. The roads are wide. The landscape is wide. The buildings are wide.”

Charlotte: “It’s really cinematic as well, automatically. It feels “Hollywood.” I want to make films and videos, but not until I know I can do it exactly how I want to. This was really nice, because we just shot it and then afterwards could decide what it was.”

The music video for ‘Cadet Limbo’ was made in collaboration with file-sharing platform, WeTransfer.