Watch Krist Novoselic join Foo Fighters to perform one of Nirvana’s favourite tracks

"We haven’t done this song together in a long time".

Krist Novoselic joined forces with Foo Fighters in Seattle on Saturday night to cover The Vaselines’ ‘Molly’s Lips’. Check out video footage of the performance below.

The Vaselines were known to be one of Kurt Cobain’s favourite bands and Nirvana even covered ‘Molly’s Lips’ on several occasions –  including their now legendary John Peel Session in 1990.

A recording of their cover also features on Nirvana’s 1992 outtakes and B-sides compilation, ‘Incesticide’.


It therefore meant that Saturday’s performance acted as a Nirvana reunion of-sorts – with Novoselic joined by ex-bandmates Dave Grohl and Pat Smear.

“This is an old song, we haven’t done this song together in a long time”, Grohl told the crowd beforehand.

Earlier in the evening, Novoselic had supported the Foos with his current band, Giants In The Trees.

Last year, Novoselic also joined the Foos to perform ‘Big Me’.


Another recent performance saw Queen‘s Roger Taylor joining Foo Fighters onstage to perform a cover of one of his band’s classic songs.

Before the Foos took to the stage as The Holy Shits at a pop-up show in Los Angeles , drummer Taylor Hawkins led covers band Chevy Metal through a number of classic rock songs, including Queen and David Bowie‘s ‘Under Pressure’.

Taylor took over drum duties, while Hawkins handled Freddie Mercury’s vocals.