Watch Lewis Del Mar’s new short film, ‘august’

The film serves as a companion piece to the duo’s sophomore album

New York experimental pop duo Lewis Del Mar have released ‘august’, a new short film that serves as a companion to their sophomore album of the same name.

The short film, which premiered on December 18 and runs over 12 minutes, was written by lead singer Danny Miller in collaboration with directing duo rubberband.

The film consists of archival footage, interviews and cinematic photography that was stitched together to showcase the recording process of the group’s sophomore album, ‘AUGUST’.


Check it out below.

“[The] two years we spent making this album were some of the most difficult years of our lives. We got sued, lost all our money, got dropped by our label, changed our entire team, nearly disbanded, and my father passed away, all throughout the creation of this project,” said Miller in a press statement leading up to the album’s release.

That struggle was captured on film and is depicted throughout the course of the short film, which includes scenes of Miller delivering his father’s eulogy, arguments between Miller and bandmate Max Harwood over the future of Lewis Del Mar, and more.

Miller and Harwood have been working on music together since they were nine years old, and formed a garage rock band along the way. The two eventually found themselves on the road, performing in dive bars in New York, where they began to reshape their sound and wrote their self-titled debut as Lewis Del Mar.


The duo generated buzz with 2016 debut single ‘Loud(y)’ and landed performances on  Conan and The Late Late Show With James Corden.