Watch Liam Gallagher nail Oasis’ ‘Champagne Supernova’ vocals in one take

Newly-released clip from 'Supersonic' shows the frontman doing this thing in the recording studio

A newly-released clip from Oasis documentary Supersonic shows Liam Gallagher hard at work in the recording studio.

The frontman nails his anthemic lead vocal for ‘Champagne Supernova’ in just one take in the intimate clip. Watch below via Stereogum.

Alan McGee has recently shared his thoughts on Supersonic, as well as revealing a conversation he had with Noel Gallagher about the film.

McGee, who features in the film mainly to discuss first signing Oasis to Creation Records in 1993 after a chance encounter at a gig in Glasgow, said that while he enjoyed the documentary, he doesn’t think anything can really reflect the madness of the band at their peak.

“I really like the film. I talked to Noel about it last week,” McGee told NME. “He said ‘what do you think of it?’ I told him ‘I think it looks amazing if you weren’t there’ and he went ‘that’s what I think too’, but the fucking ’90s were mental’. They fucking were. They did a good a job as anyone can do, but I don’t know if anyone can really capture the insanity of that time.”

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