Watch Liam Gallagher stop playing ‘Wonderwall’ to tell Spanish festival security to stop ‘getting on fans cases’

The musician wasn't happy with security's treatment of the front rows at Sonarama Ribera Festival

Liam Gallagher halted a performance of ‘Wonderwall’ yesterday (August 11) to tell security guards to leave his fans alone.

The star was playing at Sonorama Ribera Festival in Aranda de Duero, northern Spain when he stopped the song during the second verse.

“Now, woah,” he said as he instructed his band to stop playing. “What’s this here? Oi! They’re having fun, man. Stop getting on their cases. You want to come to a gig in Manchester when it goes properly off. You’ll have your work cut out then. Stop getting on their cases.”

Gallagher restarted the song, during which he changed the words from “There are many things that I would like to say to you/But I don’t know how” to “But I don’t speak Spanish.” Watch fan-shot footage of the moment above.

Meanwhile, The View‘s Kyle Falconer revealed recently that Gallagher had chosen the title of his new solo album while the pair were on holiday together.

“I sing: ‘No thank you’ in one of the album’s songs, and when Liam heard that he went: ‘That’s the title! You’ve got to fucking use that as the title!’” Falconer explained. “You don’t argue with Liam.”

Gallagher is due to headline this year’s Pilton Party, which is organised by the Glastonbury Festival team as a “thank you” and way to raise funds for villagers, workers and local people in the Glastonbury area.