Watch Lil Nas X’s video for Billy Ray Cyrus remix of ‘Old Town Road’

The clip features cameos from Chris Rock, Vince Staples, Diplo and more.

Lil Nas X has shared the video for the Billy Ray Cyrus remix of his hit single, ‘Old Town Road’.

The track has topped the charts in both the UK and the US, but controversy was sparked in the States after it was removed from the country charts.

Following that incident, a number of musicians came to Lil Nas X’s defence, including Cyrus, who teamed up with the viral star on an official remix. That reworked version of the song now has a video, which features a number of famous faces.


The clip begins in 1889, with Lil Nas X and Cyrus escaping on horses from a group, including Chris Rock, who are chasing them. “They weren’t too welcoming of outsiders last time,” the young musician notes when the pair arrive somewhere Cyrus says they can crash for the night.

Diplo, Vince Staples, Rico Nasty, and more also make appearances in the video. Watch it above now.

Speaking to NME earlier this month, producer YoungKio said he didn’t think the song was a hit when he first made it. “It’s just crazy how everything turned out,” he said. “It was just a normal song to me but once I started to get crazy numbers then I thought, damn, this shit is gonna be a big hit.”

YoungKio also credited the song with the current moment cowboys seem to be having in popular culture. “There wasn’t a song getting people crazy about cowboys and Westerns before that,” he explained. “The song did a lot of things; the song did more than you would imagine. It broke all these records, but if you look at it from every perspective, it did so many things. It’s insane.”

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