Watch London Grammar play new album ‘Calfornian Soil’ live from Alexandra Palace

A string quartet and choir join them

London Grammar have performed their new album, ‘Californian Soil‘, in full live from Alexandra Palace.

The trio of Hannah Reid, Dan Rothman and Dot Major debuted their third album in tracklist order from the iconic north London venue yesterday (April 18).

Ahead of the stream, footage of the Nottingham-formed band walking by the River Thames, and short interviews, show the group working “harmoniously” and as closely as they’ve ever been for album number three.


“With this record this is the closest we’ve been as friends…well they’re a lot like brothers, actually,” says singer Reid in one clip.

What follows is a 50-minute live performance of ‘Californian Soil’ songs, from the record’s title track to lead single ‘Baby It’s You’. A string quartet and a choir join the trio on certain songs.

In other news, Reid recently opened up about how she nearly quit music due to its “sexist and exploitative” nature.

The frontwoman explained that there was a point when she felt like she “wasn’t cut out” for the industry but that working on the band’s new album helped her regain her confidence.

“I felt like I wasn’t cut out for the music industry anymore,” she told The Telegraph. “It really is a cowboy industry, especially if you’re a woman. It is incredibly sexist and exploitative.”


In a four-star review of ‘Californian Soil’, NME‘s Hannah Mylrea wrote: “London Grammar’s third album ‘Californian Soil’ marks several shifts for the group. Sonically, it’s the most upbeat they’ve ever sounded, but it’s behind the scenes that the major change occurred, with vocalist Hannah Reid stepping up into a leadership position.”

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