Watch Lucia & The Best Boys mash up Stevie Nicks, Charli XCX, Christine & The Queens and more

The NME 100 stars played the medley in session at Maida Vale

Glasgow’s Lucia & The Best Boys have mashed up Stevie Nicks, Charli XCX, Christine & The Queens and Gwen Stefani in a new Maida Vale session – watch it on NME first below.

The NME 100 stars, led by Lucia Fairfull, played a medley of Nicks’ ‘Edge Of Seventeen’, Stefani’s ‘What You Waiting For’ and Charli and Chris’ ‘Gone’ for Radio 1 at the legendary studios.

“Our Maida Vale cover is made up of 3 different songs by three different artists who I believe helped shape pop music in their different generations, who also all brought a lot of inspiration to me at different times,” Fairfull says of the new mash-up.


“When we were younger everyone had their favourite popstar, mine was Gwen Stefani. To me she had so much originality and stood out from everyone else.

“Stevie Nicks is that one artist who I listen to on repeat, and I have listened to almost everyday for about 3 years. I think her lyrics are so poetic and graceful, but the grit and power in her vocals add so much strength to her music and I have been obsessed with everything she has written ever since the first time I heard ‘Edge Of Seventeen’.

“‘Gone’ by Charli XCX and Christine and the Queens is one of my favourite current pop songs as I felt I could relate to the lyrics in my own way. I went to see Charli perform live in Glasgow and was blown away by her energy.

“To me is seems that these 4 artists aren’t afraid to be themselves, they’ve pushed boundaries and are completely original, I look up to all of them, and it’s someone like them that I aspire to be for our younger generation.”


“We’ve had a lot of self-discovery this year,” Lucia told NME during a recent Radar interview about their recent EP.

“I think at first when you when you start doing this, you really care about the way you come across, and end up comparing and judging yourself a bit too much. This year, I discovered that I don’t really give a fuck.

“I like the feeling of not knowing what I’m gonna do next. I think it’s more interesting. Nobody has to do one thing. I don’t just like punk music. I don’t just like disco music. I don’t just like pop music. Why not combine everything you love into one? Express yourself truly and it says a lot more.”