“I’ve got wonderful dirty stories!” Watch Marianne Faithfull interviewed by her collaborator Nick Cave

Dream team.

A new video sees legendary singer-songwriter Marianne Faithfull in conversation with Nick Cave in which she discusses her new album ‘Negative Capability’ and more.

The two collaborated on ‘The Gypsy Faeire Queen’, a song from her new record, and the video begins with footage of the pair recording the track together.

In the clip Faithfull tells Cave about her “darker memories” of the 1960s and how she initially thought she had “[fallen] into the wrong life” by entering the music industry.


“I was seventeen when I was discovered,” she tells Cave. “Andrew Oldham [The Rolling Stones‘ manager and producer] saw me at this party, and he didn’t do it because he thought I could sing, but because I was very pretty. That’s what he saw, he thought I had a commercial face!”

She goes on to describe how she was discouraged from applying to university and instead recorded her mega-hit ‘As Tears Go By’, which was written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

“Suddenly my whole life just did a somersault and instead of going to Cambridge or Oxford I was in Atlantic studios with Mick  and Keith singing ‘As Tears Go By.'”

Faithfull tells Cave: “I was fulfilling other people’s fantasies, not mine,” and explains that it was not until her 1979 comeback album ‘Broken English’ that she began to feel comfortable in her role as a musician.

You can watch the full video above, which also includes discussions of the inspiration for Faithfull’s new album, the recording process, and more. It was directed by Naiché Caudron.


The video is interspersed with footage from the recording process for ‘Negative Capability’. The album features collaborations with Warren Ellis, Rob Ellis, Ed Harcourt, Rob McVey and Mark Lanegan.

Meanwhile, Cave has written candidly about how he communicates with his late son Arthur, three years on from his passing.

The artist recently began a new dialogue with his fans via the website The Red Hand Files, encouraging any kind of questions or queries about his life, career, and more.