Watch Missy Elliott perform with “funky white sister” Mary Halsey


Missy Elliott has joined forces with the woman who went viral after her performance of ‘Work It’ was posted on Twitter.

Mary Halsey became a viral star last month, after her impromptu BBQ performance received a huge reaction online.

After being posted on Twitter, the clip attracted widespread attention before being noticed by Elliot herself , who described Halsey as her “funky white sister”.


Yesterday, the pair finally met as Halsey performed on the Ellen show.

After beginning the performance by herself, the rapper is seen surprising Halsey as she joins her mid-way through.

Speaking to Ellen, Halsey explained: “‘There was a [karaoke] competition in 2003. The song came out in 2002.

“And the reaction that I got was so positive that it became my go-to [karaoke] song.”


The original clip was filmed in July as Halsey attended an annual karaoke competition in Rhode Island’s Goddard Park.

Praising the performance, Missy said: “First I want to thank Ellen for just being AMAZING she will always be blessed because of her HUGE Heart!!.

“Ellen has always used her platform to make others dreams come true like Mary Halsey, who I must say is one of the sweetest souls I’ve met!’ “

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