Watch the moment that a fan climbed the speaker stack at Foo Fighters’ Reading 2019 set

A brave man.

Footage has emerged of the moment that one fan managed to scale the speaker tower during Foo Fightersheadline set at Reading 2019 last week.

The band performed a blistering closing set at Reading on Sunday, but their performance of ‘Monkey Wrench’ saw fans recording the moment when one crowd member climbed to the top of one of the speaker structures before letting off a flare.

“Everyone gave a big cheer when he got to the top,” bystander Ross Peters told GetReading. “The music cut out for about a minute and Dave Grohl didn’t seem to know why.

“Then lots of security ran past. He seem to be having a great time. Filming the gig and drinks what looked like beers.”

It was an eventful set for the Foos, one that saw them perform a tribute in memory of The Prodigy’s Keith Flint, call for the crowd to start a petition for Oasis to get back together, and repeat Grohl’s Club NME dress rehearsal stunt by inviting Rick Astley out on stage.

“Of all the festivals, that’s the one that’s closest to my heart,” Grohl told NME of Reading before they performed. “It was my first love of festivals. I think this will be my 10th time playing.”

Reviewing Foos headline set, NME wrote: “They don’t take anything for granted. It’s the reason why they find themselves at Reading’s top table for the fourth time. As fireworks blast into the night sky while ‘Everlong’ closes the set, you sense that a fifth time is an inevitability. We’ll see you there.”