Watch mxmtoon, Stephanie Poetri, Day6’s Jae play ‘Among Us’

They were also joined by singer-songwriter Keshi

American musician mxmtoon recently streamed herself playing viral sensation Among Us with a couple of her musician friends.

On November 10, the singer hosted a three-hour-long livestream of her playing the popular multiplayer survival game with Indonesian pop star Stephanie Poetri, K-pop idol Jae Park from the band Day6 and singer-songwriter Keshi, all of whom also simultaneously streamed the game on their individual channels.

During Poetri’s stream, she noted that the Among Us session was her fifth time livestreaming on Twitch, after first creating the account in late October 2020. Meanwhile, mxmtoon and Park regularly stream themselves playing other video games, such as Riot Game’s Valorant, while Keshi previously played Apex Legends.


Watch the full stream as captured by Day6’s Jae below.

Last month, US House representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started a Twitch channel to stream herself playing Among Us in order to “get out the vote” for the upcoming US presidential election. She started her first-ever livestream on October 20, playing the game with fellow US House Representative Ilman Omar, as well as popular Twitch streamers such as HasanAbi and Pokimane.

The stream subsequently became one of the biggest in platform history, with a peak of 439,000 concurrent viewers with an average of 355,000 people watching. According to the data metric site Twitch Tracker, the stream has the 17th highest peak viewership of all time – just ahead of Bungie’s official channel.

Meanwhile, Pokimane recently surpassed 6million followers on the platform, solidifying herself as Twitch’s most popular female streamer. She is currently the sixth most-followed streamer on Twitch following closely behind Rubius and Myth.


Twitch also recently announced GlitchCon, a digital convention in place of its annual TwitchCon conference. The event is set to kick off on November 14, and will feature steamers playing popular games such as Valorant, Fortnite, League Of Legends and more.

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