Watch My Chemical Romance kick off reunion tour in Los Angeles

"Guys my eyeliner is running down my face"

My Chemical Romance kicked off their much anticipated reunion tour last night (December 20) at Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles.

Their first gig since 2012, the band announced the comeback show back in October and when tickets went on sale on November 1 they sold out in minutes.

My Chemical Romance's comeback reunion show. Credit: Pooneh Ganah
My Chemical Romance’s comeback reunion show. Credit: Pooneh Ganah


Fans began camping out overnight at Shrine Expo Hall ahead of the show – and according to social media some had been queuing since Tuesday (December 17).

While the venue could only hold 6,500 people plenty of My Chemical Romance fans watched via livestream.

“GUYS MY EYELINER IS RUNNING DOWN MY FACE,” one fan tweeted, posting a clip of the show’s livestream. Another wrote: “can’t believe i’m ugly crying on my bed instead of being there singing every lyric to this song with them.”


One fan tweeted that Panic! At the Disco‘s Brendon Urie was in attendance: “BRENDON URIE IS AT THE MCR SHOW!!! BRENDON URIE IS AT THE MCR SHOW!!! BRENDON URIE IS AT THE MCR SHOW!!!”

According to Rock Sound, Gerard Way dedicated last night’s show to artist manager Lauren Valencia, who passed away earlier this year. Addressing the crowd, he said: “We didn’t know if this was ever going to happen again, so we really appreciate you guys showing up.”

The band’s setlist included ‘Thank You for the Venom’, ‘Give Em Hell, Kid’, ‘I Don’t Love You’, ‘The Kids From Yesterday’ and a live premiere of ‘Make Room!!!!’. They played two encores featuring the songs ‘Helena’ and ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’.

See the full setlist below:

See footage from the show below. The top clip is of the full show:

Last night’s gig comes as MCR revealed earlier this week that they began planning their comeback in 2017, saying that that’s when they first got back in the room together to discuss reforming.

My Chemical Romance have five more confirmed concerts, all in March 2020. They play two shows each in Australia and Japan, with a New Zealand gig in between.

My Chemical Romance’s comeback reunion show. Credit: Kevin Estrada

There are no confirmed UK dates as yet, with All Points East and Reading And Leeds the favourites to secure the band for a festival show.

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