Watch Nadine Shah’s dark new video for ‘Trad’

"All aboard for the first view of my new music video for 'Trad'"

Nadine Shah has shared a dark new video for ‘Trad’ – you can watch it below.

The black and white video sees Shah dressed in a wedding dress, on a boat travelling across rough sees. Another character in the video, the seeming husband-to-be, meanwhile, is seen tied up and pleading with Shah’s character.

Speaking about the video, Shah said: “Not quite the Danube river cruise I had imagined but a boat trip all the same.


“All aboard for the first view of my new music video for ‘Trad’ filmed in a wedding dress in the freezing cold on a boat in Ramsgate! Ahoy!”

You can watch it here:

Yesterday (November 24), Shah was one of several musicians who told MPs that streaming payments are “threatening the future of music.”

MPs are currently examining the economic impact that music streaming is having on artists, record labels and the wider music industry in a new inquiry.

The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee are looking into the issue, with the first evidence session for the ‘Economics of music streaming’ inquiry which began yesterday (November 24).


Shah said many musicians were afraid to speak up “because [they] do not want to lose favour with the streaming platforms and the major labels.” Tom Gray from Gomez added: “They’re worried that if they speak, they won’t be playlisted.”

Reviewing Shah’s album earlier this year, NME said: “‘Kitchen Sink’ is ultimately rooted in the vague flicker of hopefulness and compassion that Shah embodies so often, and so skilfully; though it dispels the myth that it’s possible to be the woman who truly has it all, she embraces choice, rewriting narratives and multitudes instead.”