Watch Neck Deep revive Slipknot covers group SlipNeck for Halloween

The group were joined by special guest Olli Appleyard of Static Dress

Pop punk band Neck Deep have revived their Slipknot covers group SlipNeck for a special Halloween livestream.

On Saturday night (October 31), Neck Deep kicked off a Twitch performance with the catchy ‘Kali Ma’. Once the song ended and the lights went down, up came a message onscreen that read: “On Hallows Eve, a fabled group awakens.”

When the lights came back up, Neck Deep were no more. Instead, the masked, jumpsuit-wearing rockers SlipNeck appeared in front of a red-hued Slipknot styled backdrop with a few Neck Deep stamps on it.


The group then played a trio of Slipknot tracks – ‘Wait and Bleed’, ‘Duality’ and ‘Left Behind’ – reinforced by special guest Olli Appleyard of Static Dress lending some scream vocals.

“On Hallow’s Eve in the year 2020, the UK rock band ‘Neck Deep’ was once more possessed by the entity known as ‘SLIPNECK’, who hijacked the band’s Twitch live stream to perpetuate their own foul message!!!” a description of the band’s livestream read.

See the performance below:

This isn’t the first SlipNeck appearance, as the group first emerged during a Neck Deep Halloween show in 2015 and returned while playing a Manchester Halloween show in 2018.

Meanwhile, former Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn appears to have settled his ongoing lawsuit with the band, after he alleged that he had not been properly paid for more than twenty years of recording with the group.


Fehn was dismissed from the band in early 2019 after he took them to court, alleging that his bandmates had set up several other Slipknot-affiliated business entities in different states that he was unaware of.

He also asked for a complete forensic accounting of Slipknot’s accounting and assets so he could be paid the proper amount of money he claimed he was owed.

Now, Blabbermouth reports that the case was voluntarily discontinued on October 29 “with prejudice”, which means that Fehn is unable to refile the suit on the same claim.

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