Watch Nick Mulvey’s beautiful new short film ‘Begin Again’

"The old ways are dying, right before our very eyes"

Nick Mulvey has shared a cinematic new short film – watch Begin Again first on NME below.

The film expands on the themes set out in the singer’s 2020 EP of the same name, which came out back in July.

“I see chaos but I also see the opportunity for a new world, and a more beautiful one,” Mulvey says of the short film, which tackles the idea of a fresh start following the coronavirus, as well as topics such as nature, sustainability and family.


“We are living through an incredible shift. The old ways are dying, right before our very eyes.”

Watch the Begin Again short film on NME below.

The EP’s title track ‘Begin Again’ was loosely inspired by Mulvey’s grandmother, whose teachings he studied while writing the new EP, while climate change and nature also impacted the EP and film.

In conjunction with the release of the short film, Mulvey has also released a new 12″ vinyl of the EP this week via Fiction, featuring a fully recyclable sleeve. Along with the three tracks from ‘Begin Again’, the new EP features a remix of its title track by Little Dragon.

The new vinyl follows Mulvey’s 2019 single ‘In The Anthropocene’, which was pressed onto ‘ocean’ vinyl, the world’s first vinyl record made entirely out of plastic washed up onto UK beaches and recycled.


Nick Mulvey released his Mercury Prize-nominated debut album ‘First Mind’ in 2014, following it up three years later with a second full-length called ‘Wake Up Now’.

Watch Mulvey cover Björk’s ‘Bachelorette’ for NME above.

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