Watch Nine Inch Nails debut new track ‘Ahead of Ourselves’ and cover Joy Division

Bad Witch is on the way....

Nine Inch Nails have offered a teasing glimpse of their forthcoming ninth album.

As they performed in Las Vegas over the weekend, the Trent Reznor band debuted new single ‘Ahead of Ourselves’ , as well as delivering a cover of Joy Division’s ‘Digital’.

Check out the performances in full below.


Reznor also recently confirmed that ‘Bad Witch’ will be considered a new album from the band, despite clocking in at only 30 minutes and 11 seconds.

Responding angrily to a fan online, Reznor wrote in a forum: “Want to know why it’s being labelled an LP instead of an EP? EPs show up with singles in Spotify and other streaming services = they get lost easier.
“EPs feel less important in today’s music-isn’t-as-important-as-it-once-was world. Why make it easier to ignore? We’re not charging any more for it so why get worked up about it? Quantum550: suck my entire cock.”