Watch Noel Gallagher’s festive video for ‘Wandering Star’, starring Stephen Graham as Santa

Noel's got us feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Noel Gallagher has shared the official video for recent single ‘Wandering Star’, featuring This Is England actor Stephen Graham.

Released last week (November 14), the latest offering from Gallagher will appear on his upcoming High Flying Birds EP ‘Blue Moon Rising’. The collection is set to arrive on March 6 and follows on from September’s ‘This Is The Place‘.

In the festive clip for ‘Wandering Star’, The Irishman actor Graham portrays a cigarette-smoking Santa who helps a mother (played by his wife and fellow actor Hannah Walters) steal Christmas presents for her children.


After distracting a local shop’s security guard, Graham and Walters flee from the scene. Later, they make their way through London streets and offer a gift to a homeless man. The mother then returns home to see her kids as Santa watches on.

Speaking of the video’s message, director Dan Cadan explained that the clip isn’t “anti-Christmas”, adding that he “wanted to highlight the plight that can affect people” around the festive period.

“The pressures from commercial bombardment and a consumerist society, for a single-parent who will stop at nothing to ensure their kids feel the magic that so many take for granted,” he said.

“Stevie G is my muse and this is our third collaboration, my second with his incredibly talented wife Hannah Walters and they brought more to this than we could have dreamed – which is part of the package when working with these two actors.”


He added: “Their performances bring further to life Noel’s brilliant music and lyrics and we hope this fills you with Christmas cheer, and strikes chord enough for you to raise a glass to those less fortunate but equally as deserving.”

Gallagher, meanwhile, has revealed he’d be up for playing the guitar in The Smiths should the Manchester icons ever reform.

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