Watch Ozzy Osbourne reflect on raucous career in ‘Biography: Nine Lives of Ozzy’ documentary trailer

"I think there's a wild man in everybody – I'm a split personality"

The first trailer for upcoming Ozzy Osbourne biopic Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy has landed.

In the clip Ozzy is seen watching a video of his younger self sporting a buzz cut. “The reason why I do what I do is because it’s what everybody wants to do, but they ain’t got the guts to,” the singer says in an interview from the ’80s. Elsewhere, a 70-something Ozzy visits his hometown of Birmingham and talks about having a “split personality”, adding: “there’s a wild man in everybody.”

The trailer invites his contemporaries and family members to discuss the charismatic rock star. “Ozzy changed everything,” says Rick Rubin, while Marilyn Manson, Post Malone, Rob Zombie and Jack Osbourne all talk separately about the timeless nature of his music and how vital the his working-class roots have been.


There is currently no release date for the documentary although it will premiere at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas this spring (via Rolling Stone).

In other news, Sharon Osbourne has revealed that one of her main goals for 2020 is to produce a biopic about her life in the lead up to and subsequent marriage of her rockstar husband.

Ozzy Osbourne unveils 'Under The Graveyard' from new album 'Ordinary Man'
Ozzy Osbourne unveils ‘Under The Graveyard’ from new album ‘Ordinary Man’. Credit: Press

Earlier this week the TV personality, author and manager of the ex-Black Sabbath frontman pointed to a picture of her husband while speaking on her daytime CBS chat show The Talk. “I want to produce a movie on my husband,” she said.


“I don’t want to do another rock and roll, sex, drugs and money movie about a musician,” Sharon told Variety previously. “That’s not what I’m doing. There hasn’t been a movie about a woman that actually works on the management side — that’s a true story — and somebody that succeeds through the struggle and you come out the other side.”

Ozzy’s new album ‘Ordinary Man’ is released on February 21.