Watch Pearl Jam cover The White Stripes’ ‘We’re Going To Be Friends’ as a tribute to teachers

"I’d like to play this for them, borrowed from my friend Jack."

Pearl Jam covered a White Stripes classic at their show in Seattle last night (August 8) in tribute to the teachers of Eddie Vedder’s kids and teachers worldwide.

Vedder spoke at length, as reported by Stereogum, about the role teachers play in local communities before covering the track from White Stripes’ 2001 album, White Blood Cells. 

Vedder began: “There’s one part of the community and one job in particular that deserves so much more notoriety than they receive. There are those who teach our children and teach them well. We’ve had the opportunity, we’re very blessed to have had some teachers that changed our kids’ lives.”


Vedder asked audience members to raise their hands: “If you had one teacher that changed your life… see, that’s just about every-fucking-body. That’s how important it is.”

“And we have two special teachers that my kids brought tonight that I wanted to allow them some notoriety and some applause and some recognition from their fine group of neighbours here in Seattle. And I’d like to play this for them, borrowed from my friend Jack”, Vedder concluded.

Watch Eddie Vedder’s full speech and performance below (song begins at 5:18).

Arctic Monkeys recently took on another cult-hit from The White Stripes. While performing Jack White’s hometown of Detroit, the band performed ‘The Union Forever’.


Pearl Jam, meanwhile, recently released their own limited edition red wine, which sold out in a record-breaking 12 minutes.

The 450-box run wine was announced via the band’s newsletter and was snapped up by eager fans before most had even heard about it.

Lats month, the giant Donald Trump balloon made an appearance outside Pearl Jam‘s gig in London.