This? Just a video of Pete Doherty get pulled along by his huskies on Boris bike

First the big breakfast, now THIS...

An eagle-eyed fan has spotted (and then duly filmed) Pete Doherty riding along on a Boris bike being pulled along by his husky dogs.

After getting hospitalised after a hedgehog spike became infected earlier this year, the Libertines man is once again in the news for ridiculous reasons.

The new footage was posted online by a fan who drove past Doherty to see him riding a Boris bike with his two huskies pulling him along.


After the driver leant out of the car window to greet the singer, Pete replied: “You alright fellas, how’s it going?”

Asked if he had the huskies on as reindeers, Pete replied: “Yeah, keeps them fit innit?” See the brilliant footage below.

Pete released a new solo album with his project Peter Doherty & The Puta Madres earlier this year. In a four-star review of the album, NME’s Andrew Trendell said: “Pete’s latest is an album of serene folk songs. The former kid in the riot now seems more at home as the old man by the sea.”

Speaking to NME around the release of the album, Pete discussed life, death, drugs, prison, tabloid controversy and feeling like a new man.


“I’ve got a huge fucking problem with age, actually,” Doherty said. “I didn’t ever admit to it because I never really felt it, but I heard you say it there and I’m thinking ‘Fucking hell, I really don’t wanna die’. Part of me for a long time just thought it would make a lot of sense and be a lot easier all round if I did snuff it.”