Watch Phoebe Bridgers perform ‘Kyoto’ from home on ‘Colbert’

The singer donned her trademark skeleton suit for the TV performance

Phoebe Bridgers took to Colbert last night (July 20) – watch her perform ‘Kyoto’ from home below.

The track appears on Bridgers’ second album ‘Punisher’, which came out last month.

The new performance sees Bridgers donning her trademark skeleton suit, which she previously wore in the ‘Kyoto’ music video, for a loosely choreographed performance, for which she is joined by drummer Marshall Vore on tambourine for the ending. Watch it below.


Bridgers previously performed ‘Kyoto’ in her bathtub while appearing on Fallon, and drove around a car park while singing ‘I See You’ for a solo version of James Corden‘s Carpool Karaoke segment.

The singer also recently appeared on Zack Fox’s new Twitch variety livestream, entitled RELEASED!. Fox’s new monthly broadcast is “based around a situational narrative and a headline music artist”. The series also promises “DJ sets, performances, special guests, 3D intergalactic worlds, live animated characters and an absurd premise”.

Bridgers released ‘Punisher’ back in June. A five-star NME album review called it “atmospheric indie with an undercurrent of anxiety,” adding: “Bridgers has previously stated that ‘Punisher’ explores “crying” and numbness – which is certainly true – but what it most successfully captures is stasis, and an undercurrent of anxiety around what lies in the future.

“The LA songwriter’s ability to paint this lingering feeling of dread so vividly is perhaps the biggest factor in her rapid rise to cultish indie household name; just look at the state of the world right now.”


Phoebe Bridgers recently appeared on the cover of NME for a Big Read interview around the release of ‘Punisher’.