Watch Puddle Of Mudd singer abandon gig after onstage rant about lights

Everything's so blurry

Puddle Of Mudd’s singer walked off stage during the band’s set on Saturday night (November 20) after arguing with a lighting technician.

According to fans who were there, Puddle Of Mudd took to the stage over half an hour late for their headline show at the EPIC Event Centre in Green Bay, Wisconsin before singer Wes Scantlin walked offstage after only five songs.

In footage shot by someone in the front row of the concert, Scantlin can be seen performing the entirety of 2009 single ‘Spaceship’ with his hands covering his face, before he can be heard complaining about the onstage lights and apparently arguing with the lighting technician.


“I don’t know why the lights have to be blinding me for this whole show. If you guys were standing up here where I am right now, it’s like a fucking flashlight blinking in your fucking head. And I don’t think that’s fucking cool,” he said.

The footage shows Scantlin then pointing towards the back of the room, calling someone a “douchebag fuck” and bragging “I’ve got a flashlight too motherfucker”.

After performing 2019’s ‘Uh Oh’, Scantlin then walked offstage without addressing the audience – watch the whole incident below:

This isn’t the first time Puddle Of Mudd have stopped a gig early. In 2017, Scantlin walked offstage midway through a performance of 2001’s ‘She Hates Me’ and the year before the rest of the band left him onstage following his erratic behaviour.

Around the same time Scantlin had several encounters with the law. He got sober towards the end of 2017 [via Kerrang!]


Earlier this year, however, Scantlin revealed that Puddle Of Mudd had written 75 new songs, mostly during the pandemic, before admitting that he’d caught coronavirus two or three times.

Elsewhere in the interview, Scantlin was asked if he’d ever make a film about his life. “I’m desperately trying to get Fred Durst [who helped break Puddle Of Mudd] to get involved, and we can do some kind of a little movie or something,” he said.

“A lot of dreams came true in a lot of our lives – even Korn and Staind and Limp Bizkit, and Puddle Of Mudd. It would be a great little movie.”