Watch Royal Blood tease new music on Twitter

The band's second album is due later this year.

Royal Blood have teased new music on Twitter this morning (March 27).

The band posted a video showing them hard at work in the recording studio. “This is us then, where are you now?” they wrote in the tweet.

The band are set to drop the follow-up to their acclaimed self-titled debut this year. In December, they dropped an album trailer with the title ‘2017’.

“We had a warehouse space in Burbank and it was great,” frontman Mike Kerr said. “We’d party at night and write all day. By that point, we felt the record was coming together and there was a bit of a theme between the songs.”

He added that the band wrote around 50 songs for the album with the motto “anything you’re not proud of, bin it” – with the results proving “way sexier, more confident sounding” than their debut.

Asked if their second album would feature more piano, drummer Ben Thatcher said: “We’re not turning into Keane, put it that way. We’re still bringing the rock n’ roll.”

Last year they performed a new track called ‘Hook, Line And Sinker’ at Reading Festival. Built on a sludgy bass riff and a pounding rhythm from drummer Ben Thatcher, the track featured a falsetto chorus in which Kerr sang “Say my name again/ You’re caught in the middle.”

This year, they are already confirmed to be playing festival sets at Nos Alive 2017 and Eden Sessions.