Watch Run-DMC’s Rev Run rap ‘It’s Tricky’ back to a fan while in traffic

"Lol. Made his day. Lol. Made my DAY"

Run-DMC‘s Rev Run has shared a post of himself pulling up next to a fan in traffic and rapping the lyrics to ‘It’s Tricky’.

The rapper – also known as Joseph Simmons – took to Instagram to share the clip, which you can view below, and wrote: “Lol. Made his day. Lol. Made my DAY.”

In the clip, Rev Run hears the 1987 classic track, leans out of the window of his car and raps along to song before driving off.


‘It’s Tricky’ was the fourth single to be released from Run-DMC’s third album, ‘Raising Hell’.

Meanwhile, Run-DMC recently became the latest hip-hop group to create their own non-fungible tokens, minting limited edition vinyl artwork from their ’12on12′ compilation.

The NFT artwork was designed by Los Angeles-based artist Reena Tolentino and available in, fittingly, 12 different variations here. They were valued each at £66,388.40 ($92,135.58 USD).

The ’12on12′ compilation features music that inspired the band and embodies their legacy, including tracks from Kraftwerk, Chic and Grandmaster Flash, alongside Aerosmith’s ‘Walk This Way’, which Run DMC famously covered themselves in 1986.

DMC of the iconic group spoke to NME about the compilation last year, highlighting in particular the influence of Kraftwerk on hip-hop in its infancy stage.


“Kraftwerk were a foundation of hip-hop not just because of their music, but they built their own machines and computers,” DMC said.

“They were doing the same thing as young boys and girls in the Bronx were doing at the beginning of hip-hop. We didn’t have studios but we heard their music and there was something in their music that connected us. If you listen to the early years of hip-hop… we followed the blueprint of a group from Germany.”

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