Watch Run The Jewels tie up Santa as they perform Christmas skit on US TV

The rap duo appeared on 'The Late Show With Stephen Colbert' last night (December 15)

Run The Jewels appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night (December 15) to take part in a Christmas skit.

The rap duo, comprised of Killer Mike and El-P, helped the US TV show host with a festive tune called ‘Jingle Jingle (Santa Party)’, but used the track to take aim at Trump.

Pick up a brick, put your eggnog down/Your country’s being run by an orange f**king clown,” El-P rapped at one point, while the pair also highlighted racial inequality in the line “White kids getting presents, black kids getting cuffed.

Later in the skit, the rappers stand either side of Santa, who is tied to a chair, while Killer Mike raps: “Santa’s my bitch, creep cracker-ass witch/Quit spying on the kids, you a perv, eat shit.” Watch it below, via Pitchfork.

Meanwhile, Run The Jewels recently teased their new music video with a mysterious countdown clock on their website.

The rap duo set up a page that was designed to look like a TV news report – complete with a ‘RTJ NEWS’ logo. It counted down to Friday (December 15), when the video for ‘Call Ticketron’ was released. Check out the site here.

Fans could receive a text message after calling the ‘Emergency Tip Line’ displayed on the site. It was also been reported that you could hear talk of ‘strange weather patterns’ in New York after dialling.