Watch Shaquille O’Neal dive into a moshpit at Tomorrowland Festival

Predictably, he smashed it

There are many things you’d expect to find in the depths of a moshpit. From a lost shoe to a sweaty stranger begging to be picked up off the floor, basically anything goes. At this year’s Glastonbury, slowthai even sent his friend Loyle Carner into the melee mid-set.

One thing you wouldn’t expect to find, though, is NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, all 7 ft 1 of him, opening up the circle.

Attending Tomorrowland Festival in Belgium this weekend, the legend was spotted all over the site causing chaos. From headbanging to Modestep to flattening a bunch of teenagers in a moshpit, he looks like he had the time of his life.


Predictably, plenty of footage has emerged of the incident, and has been posted all around the internet.

Fans are also suitably delighted at the strange goings-on, and have been posting clips of the basketball hero all over the Tomorrowland site.

“I can’t tell if this is really Shaq in a mosh pit, or a Tony Pulis set piece,” one tweeted.


“Shaq hopped into that mosh pit looking like the big kid in the bounce house,” another joked.

“There’s a few rules I go by,” one commenter said. “One of them is to never test Shaq in a mosh pit. EVER!”


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