Watch Sharon Van Etten cover Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Hurt’

Performed as part of the 'Song that Found Me at the Right Time' series

Sharon Van Etten has shared a cover of the Nine Inch Nails track ‘Hurt’, recorded for the music mental health organisation Sounds of Saving.

The performance is part of Sounds of Saving’s ‘Song that Found Me at the Right Time’ concert series, produced in partnership with Lifeline. Before she begins playing, Van Etten explains her connection to ‘Hurt’ and how she’s still learning to not shy away from her emotions.

“I was the cliché middle child and always felt misunderstood, and then the oldest brother was the one that I connected to the most with music. When I was learning to play guitar, he gave me a box of cassettes,” she said.

“By the time ‘Hurt’ came on, I just remember connecting to it so much but also realising that my brother had listened to it, and we’d never really talked about any deep feelings, but we always shared music. It was like my first sign that my brother was trying to connect with me on a more emotional level than just ‘we’re sharing music’.”

Watch Sharon Van Etten’s cover of ‘Hurt’ below:

Last week, Sharon Van Etten shared ‘All Over Again’, a “deeply personal” B-side from 2015.

“Broken hearted years ago and driven to find true love, it’s hard to believe I was ever there when I look back now from such a fulfilled space,” she said in an Instagram post.

“I’m humbled to share yet another vulnerable moment with you.”

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