Watch Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson interview Robbie Williams

“How’s Vegas mate? Alright?”

Sleaford Mods’ Jason Williamson has interviewed Robbie Williams for a light-hearted social media video – watch below.

The singer appeared with Williamson in the mock clip, which saw the former Take That singer wearing medieval chainmail and an injured thumb.

The video was posted on Sleaford Mods’ official account, with the caption: “LATE NIGHT WITH JASON Ep 9. This weeks guest is @robbiewilliams.”


Looking into the camera Williamson said: “Welcome to late night with Jason. This week’s guest, this week’s guest is … Robbie Williams!”

“Robbie, how you doing?”, Williamson asked before the video switched to Williams looking miserable.

Williams then responded by quickly putting up his bandaged thumb in front of him.

“How’s Vegas mate? Alright?”, Williamson asked before Williams jokingly showed off a transparent toy sword.

As Williamson tried to continue the interview as normal, the next shot of Williams saw him in just his underwear and the medieval hoodie as he stomped around with the toy sword and two miniature dolls in hand.


This comes after the band shared a new video for their previously-unreleased song, ‘Second.’

The Robin Lee-directed video stars Game of Thrones‘ Kate Dickie and Skins‘ Emma Stansfield. They play vocalist Williamson and producer Andrew Fearn, respectively. The video is set at an open mic night in 2012, in a “post-industrial town,” where the duo are performing.

Watch below:

Williamson told Rolling Stone that ‘Second’ was recorded in early 2017, after the sessions for their ninth studio album ‘English Tapas.’

“We don’t really do it now, but back in the day we would be back in the studio as soon as an album was in the can,” he said.

“This session was typical of that. We did about six songs if I recall. I’d rather have a proper cooling-off period these days, but there were a few good ideas in that session and this was one of them.”

‘Second’ is taken from the Nottingham duo’s forthcoming compilation, ‘All That Glue.’ The album features “an array of crowd pleasers, B-sides, unheard tracks and rarities for fans and the curious.”