Watch Sunflower Bean’s summery video for comeback single ‘Moment In The Sun’

Track is about "finally recognising what is important in one’s life"

Sunflower Bean have shared a new video for their first single of 2020, ‘Moment In The Sun’.

The clip, which you can watch below, stars actor Marquis Rodriguez, who previously appeared in Marvel series Luke Cage.

Addressing the song and video, the band said: “‘Moment In The Sun’ is about finally recognising what is important in one’s life, the people you decide to spend it with.


“All of these things we distract ourselves with, the never-ending mountain of career climbing, the pursuit of financial success, and the hope that after all that trying you could finally be cool. All of that is meaningless in comparison to one great day, hour, or moment with someone you really love.”

They added: “While quarantining together upstate this summer we decided to make a music video for ‘Moment In The Sun.’

“We thought the best way to visually represent the meaning of the song, while also taking inspiration from this isolating time everyone has been forced to live in, was to create two separate worlds. One world which exists totally inside a home, mostly in a lonely bedroom. The other world exists completely outside in the sun and is made up of memories of a summer love.”

Sunflower Bean 'Moment In The Sun' artwork
Sunflower Bean ‘Moment In The Sun’ artwork Credit: Press

Meanwhile, frontwoman Julia Cumming previously spoke out about the treatment of female artists in the music industry.


She said: “Stations say, ‘We like the song, this is a great song. [But] we have too many women in rotation right now’. Stations will have about three women they keep in main rotation, and if you are a woman trying to get into that rotation, that means that they’re going to kick another woman off. Men’s music is still considered music. Women’s music is still considered other music, even though women are being photographed, used on the Spotify banners and written about.”

Cumming also previously told NME there’s a lot of music on the radio that “you don’t have control over”.

“We were listening to the radio a lot and there’s a lot of music you don’t have a lot of control over,” she said. “I feel that way about Drake – you don’t have a choice if you like Drake. Drake is like water. Drake is like the government. Drake is like fucking fluoride.”