Watch the surviving members of Nirvana perform together earlier this week

Krist Novoselic joined Dave Grohl and Pat Smear on-stage with the Foo Fighters

The surviving members of Nirvana performed together on-stage this week, with Krist Novoselic joining Dave Grohl and Pat Smear on-stage with the Foo Fighters.

The group performed ‘Big Me’ together in Eugene, Oregon as part of the Foo Fighters’ huge, current US tour in support of new album ‘Concrete & Gold’ – one of NME‘s albums of the year 2017.

Watch footage of the performance below.

Krist Novoselic also posted a photo from side-stage to Twitter, accompanied by a series of hearts (below).

Earlier this month, a previously unreleased recording of a Nirvana acoustic gig from 1991 was discovered and shared online.

December 1 marked the 26th anniversary of a performance by Kurt Cobain and Dave Grohl at Edinburgh’s Southern Bar. According to the person who uploaded the recording, the pair were billed as Very Special Guests at a fundraising event at the venue alongside local band Joyriders. The gig raised more for the city’s Sick Kids Hospital.

Cobain and Grohl are said to have performed a five song set, two-and-a-half of which are captured in the recording – ‘Dumb’, ‘Polly’, and part of ‘Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam’. At the start of the recording you can hear Cobain joking with the audience.