Watch Taylor Swift cry over a banana whilst “loopy” on drugs after surgery

Taylor as you've never seen her before

A hilarious video of Taylor Swift crying over a banana has gone viral – after her mother shared it with Jimmy Fallon without the singer’s knowledge.

Swift appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and was surprised when he presented the video to the star. Following laser eye surgery, Swift’s mother filmed the “ME’ star as she “freaked out” over a banana whilst “loopy” on drugs.

In the clip, Swift can be seen wearing goggles when she picks up a banana from the kitchen. “That wasn’t the one I wanted,” Swift says, distressed. “Stop, you can’t cry”, her mum then says. You can watch the hilarious clip below:


After Swift picks up the banana, she can be heard saying: “What do I do with this now? It doesn’t have a head,” before her mother comforts her.

Later on, Swift is seen in bed eating the banana as her mother tells her not to fall asleep whilst eating the banana. “I’m not asleep, my mind is alive!” Swift replies.

Surprised by the clip, Swift laughed “Oh my god, that’s on television!” when hearing what her mother had done. “Wait she was kind enough to drive me there but cruel enough to give it to you?” she laughed.

Swift is set to appear on the upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live this week, and has appeared in a new promotional clip alongside Fleabag star and creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge.


In the clip, Waller-Bridge introduces herself as the host of the new SNL episode, which airs tomorrow (October 5). Swift then jumps in, attempting a slightly awkward British accent.

“It’s gonna be mental innit, like a randy hen… Did you write this?” Swift says, pausing mid-sentence to turn to Waller-Bridge. “Yeah, sorry. It’s too British isn’t it?” the English actress replies. The pair turn away from each other, embarrassed.

This is Swift’s third time on SNL. The pop star previously appeared as a musical guest in 2017 alongside comedian Tiffany Haddish. For her upcoming appearance, Swift will perform cuts off her latest album, ‘Lover’, which arrived in August.