Watch Taylor Swift surprise engagement party with acoustic performance

The pop star made an unexpected appearance to celebrate two fans' betrothal

Taylor Swift made a surprise appearance at two fans’ engagement party, where she gave a special acoustic performance.

The pop star serenaded Alexander Goldschmidt and Ross Girard yesterday (February 23) after Goldschmidt emailed her asking her to help them celebrate.

“There was a person who isn’t here but sort of played a part in all of this,” he said, addressing a crowd of the couple’s friends and family. “So I would like to welcome, and you to give a warm welcome to, my friend Taylor.”


Swift was then seen emerging from a back room of the bar the party was being held in, carrying an acoustic guitar. She explained that her song ‘King Of My Heart’ had special meaning for the pair. “I’ve been off tour for a while but hopefully it’s still alright,” she said. “This is from Alex. It’s sung by me but it’s from Alex.” Watch footage of the performance below.

The track featured on the singer’s latest album, ‘Reputation’, which was released in November 2017. She recently marked the end of that record’s era by shutting down the Swift Life social media app that had launched at the start of the album campaign.

In December, Swift released a film of her ‘Reputation’ world tour on Netflix. The concert movie showed the star performing on the Arlington, Texas stop of the tour in October 2018.

Meanwhile, she was criticised last year after it was revealed she had used facial recognition software at one of her shows in an attempt to combat stalkers who had sent her death threats.

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