Watch The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney fill in as the Cleveland Indians drummer

“This is my first show since last January,” Carney said at the baseball game. “Crazy"

The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney stepped in as the in-stadium drummer for the baseball team the Cleveland Indians yesterday (April 5) – you can watch him in action below.

Carney, who drums in The Black Keys, was in attendance during yesterday’s MLB season opener between the Indians and the Kansas City Royals at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio.

The drumming opportunity for Carney came about after the stadium’s regular drummer John J. Adams recently underwent heart surgery, causing him to miss his first season opener since 1973.


Adams gave his blessing to Carney in a video presentation during the first inning, with the Black Keys drummer going on to lay out a steady beat whenever the Indians were batting.

“I’m stoked to be here for John,” Carney said prior to the game. “It’s the best seat in the house and I wish John could be here, obviously.

“When I heard he wasn’t healthy enough to make it, I thought it was good way to pay some respect to him and show him some love.”

“This is my first show since last January,” Carney added. “Crazy. This is gonna be fun.”


The drummer also hinted that The Black Keys might make an announcement next week on their upcoming plans (via Billboard).

The Black Keys’ last studio album, ‘Let’s Rock’, was released in June 2019. The duo reissued their 2010 album ‘Brothers’ late last year to mark its recent 10th anniversary.