Watch two lovestruck outlaws run riot in Noel Gallagher’s ‘If Love Is The Law’ video

The video serves as a trailer for his forthcoming film, Stranded On The Earth

Noel Gallagher has released the music video for ‘If Love Is The Law’, taken from his third album, ‘Who Built The Moon?’

The video shows a pair of outlaws navigate their romance in a dusty, desolate setting, with the visuals cutting frequently to Gallagher performing with his band.

Johnny Marr is also seen playing guitar and harmonica in the video as a guest musician.


The video serves as a trailer for an upcoming seven-part film called Stranded on the Earth, which will feature a video for each track on the album.

Mike Bruce, who directed ‘If Love Is The Law’, said that Stranded on the Earth will comprise a chronological story line about two outlaws who meet and fall in love.”

He continued, “The concept came from a series of discussions I had with Noel over the course of a couple months leading up to the release of ‘Who Built The Moon?’

“When Noel sent me his new album I knew I wanted to do something out of the ordinary, something we’re not used to seeing in a music video format.”

‘If Love Is The Law’ is the fourth music video from ‘Who Built the Moon?’ following ‘Holy Mountain’, ‘It’s a Beautiful World’ and ‘She Taught Me How to Fly’.


The 12” vinyl release of the single (out September 14) features the album version of the single and an instrumental rendition, as well as a B side called ‘Alone On The Rope’. It’s released digitally on August 17.

Gallagher is about to play a number of festival dates this summer. He performs at Edinburgh Castle tonight (July 19) and closes the tour at Bingley Music Live in Yorkshire on September 2.