Watch The Flaming Lips perform ‘God and the Policeman’ on ‘Fallon’

Once again, the band performed inside giant plastic bubbles

The Flaming Lips have performed recent single ‘God and the Policeman’ (sans collaborator Kacey Musgraves) while appearing as musical guests on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

As they did when performing ‘Race for the Prize’ on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert back in June, each member performed from inside their own giant plastic bubble. Watch below:


‘God and the Policeman’ is taken from the band’s 16th studio album ‘American Head’, which arrived earlier this week. Yesterday (September 12), the band shared a video for the track, directed by frontman Wayne Coyne alongside Blake Studdard.

In a four-star review of ‘American Head’, NME called the album a “beautiful ode to love and loss that handles the subjects with grace,” comparing it with the band’s 1999 standout ‘The Soft Bulletin’.

“Rather than using their fantastical bubble of sound to transport listeners into distant galaxies, as they have done so many times before, the band here float softly above Oklahoma city, where Coyne sits up front, quietly contemplating beauty and childhood.

“‘American Head’ is a soft, reflective moment of taking in and appreciating the vista once the trip has worn off – when king’s heads and evil pink robots have melted away – and the dust has settled.”