Watch the groovy music video for SUPER JUNIOR’s new single, ‘Mango’

The first volume of 'The Road: Keep On Going' is out now

SUPER JUNIOR have returned with their newest single, ‘Mango’, the title track off the first volume of their 11th full-length album ‘The Road: Keep On Going’.

The track dropped on July 12 along with the album and the single’s accompanying video treatment. The new visual follows the nine members of the band as they navigate a mysterious retro-themed hotel with a set of keys marked by a mango keychain in hand, as they search for its matching room.

“I am your oasis, come, enter your heaven / Sweet just like a mango, It feels so nice / Instantly melts on your lips / Sweet just like a mango,” they croon on the chorus.


‘Mango’ is the title track lifted from the first volume of SUPER JUNIOR’s simultaneously released studio record ‘The Road: Keep On Going’. The five-track EP features B-sides ‘Don’t Wait’, ‘My Wish’, ‘Everyday’ and ‘Always’, with member Eunhyuk having participated in writing the last track.

‘The Road: Keep On Going – Vol. 1’ is the highly anticipated sequel in the band’s ‘The Road’ series of records, which began in February with the single album ‘The Road: Winter for Spring’, led by the title track ‘Call’.

While an exact release date for ‘The Road: Keep On Going – Vol. 2’ has yet to be announced by SM Entertainment, its eventual release, along with the release of a compilation album, is expected to drop sometime later this year, per a press release.

In support of the newly released record, SUPER JUNIOR will be holding a three-night concert at Seoul’s Jamsil Arena this weekend from July 15 to 17, set to open the veteran K-pop band’s forthcoming world tour. However, further specifics about SUPER JUNIOR’s stops for their upcoming ‘Super Show 9: The Road’ tour are to be announced at a later date.