Watch the return of Sigur Rós as they premiere new music and add to their digital playlist ‘Liminal’

They're back!

Sigur Rós have returned with new music at an event in Los Angeles last night.

The music was premiered at a “Liminal” sound bath event and included remixes of music from ‘Tónandi’, the audiovisual augmented reality experience they created, alongside other works from their back catalogue.

You can watch the band performing the music here:


After the event, a new volume of their digital playlist, described as an “endless ambient streaming mixtape” will become available. You can now stream the third volume of their ambitious streaming experiment, Liminal 3, here:

In November, it was announced that Jónsi from the group would release a lost triple album of solo recordings.

Recording under the moniker Frakkur, the music was never given an official release, with much of it thought to have been lost due to corrupted hard drives.

Years later, the songs were recovered from a CD that had been given to a friend and the previously unreleased Frakkur, 2000-2004 compilation is now set to be released digitally on November 23.


The compilation, which features 24 songs, was released last year as a limited-edition, vinyl-only release that featured only half of the songs.

Sigur Rós

Reviewing ‘Frakkur: 2000-2004’, NME wrote: “These 25 instrumentals make for curious footnotes, as well as a wonderful mood piece. This is not only a a treasure trove for true fans, but also a secret history of Jónsi; one that’s as enigmatic and beguiling as the man himself. What was once thought lost is now destined to become a cult favourite.”

The release comes just weeks after Troye Sivan and Jónsi shared their first ever collaboration, ‘Revelation’.

The two artists linked up for a spot on the soundtrack to the recent film Boy Erased, which Sivan has a supporting part in.

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