Watch The Wiggles fuse Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’ with ‘Fruit Salad’

Murray Wiggle returned to the fold for the special performance

Beloved children’s entertainers The Wiggles took to the studios of Australian broadcaster triple j for their first ever Like A Version performance this week, covering Tame Impala‘s ‘Elephant’.

The six-piece remain mostly faithful to the psych-rock original, adding a polka rhythm on the keys – that is until after the first break down, when they seamlessly transition into ‘Fruit Salad’. The Blue Wiggle, Anthony, sports a very cute elephant costume throughout.

The old Red Wiggle, Murrary, also rejoined the group for the performance to play the second guitar solo.


Watch the delightful performance below.

Emma Wiggle explained their decision to cover ‘Elephant’ in simple terms: “The Wiggles love animals. So we chose it because we like elephants”.

“We’re also very much inspired by [Tame Impala],” she continued. “But when we got into it, we didn’t realise how complex it would be.”

Murray said he appreciated being called back for the cover. “To have the old and the new together has been really fun,” he said.

As is customary of the segment, The Wiggles also got to play an original: ‘We’re All Fruit Salad’. Watch that below.


The Wiggles’ Like A Version has prompted an overwhelmingly warm response on social media. Hayley Mary tweeted a photo of herself at her first ever Wiggles concert as a child, writing “This Wiggles Like A Version of Tame Impala is almost as emotional as my first wiggles concert”.


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