Watch This Is The Kit perform tracks from their latest album live

The band's latest album, 'Off Off On', arrived in October

British indie group This Is The Kit have performed a live set for US radio station KEXP.

Originally recorded on November 19, the live set sees singer-songwriter Kate Stables perform three tracks from the band’s latest LP, as well as a cover of The National’s track ‘Lemonworld’. Stables is backed by a six-person band for the performance.

Watch the set below:


This Is The Kit released their fifth album, ‘Off Off On’, in October. During the interview with KEXP’s DJ Morgan, Stables confirmed she had recovered from COVID-19 earlier this year. She also explained the meaning behind lead single ‘This Is What You Did’.

“[It’s about] the way saying things can kind of exorcise certain kinds of anxieties and panicky thoughts, and just things you need to do to make sure you don’t get stuck in these mind loops of negativity,” she said.

Speaking to NME, Stables said the songs from ‘Off Off On’ ruminate on “swinging between good places and bad places”.

“Sometimes you can feel really positive about the way humanity is going, and then other times not at all,” she said.


“It’s also to do with how we choose to spend our time and energy, how we choose to look at things, and how we choose to be helpful or not – in our own lives, and also in society. It’s this eternal balance between negative and positive. That’s what we’re all battling with.”